Premier League Forecast: Gameweek 18 (2020/2021 Season)

Hey there – hope you’re having a good week!

Our forecast for gameweek 18 of the Premier League is below. The Burnley vs Manchester United game is from a previous gameweek but added it in here anyway.

The odds that are highlighted in orange show where Pinnacle (a bookmaker) had bigger odds for that selection, at the time of writing.

Expected Goals Model

This is the key underlying component in our model.

Expected Goals, or xG, are the number of goals a player or team should have scored when considering the number and type of chances they had in a match.

Things to note…

1. In theory our forecast should become more accurate as the season progresses.

2. Our forecast doesn’t take into account last minute information so do be sure to check if teams have any key players missing or any other big news that could influence the chances of either side!

How can you use the forecast?

Compare the forecast odds with those being offered by the bookmakers.

Where the bookmaker offers a bigger price, you might have found some value.

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