The Satoshi app in a nutshell

We identify accurate prices for cryptocurrencies using big data, mathematical models and algorithms to help our members pinpoint good value crypto.

Every day we analyse the prices for cryptocurrencies so our members can get a good idea of where the value lies at a glance. This is presented in our value crypto finder live feed.

Our app is the result of a tonne of number crunching combined with some computer wizardry and the end result is a powerful system which can help you purchase cryptocurrency more efficiently.

Every Crypto. Rated.

Check out our real-time ratings for every single crypto asset on the planet.

Identifying Good Value Cryptocurrency

We’ll cover this in more detail once you join but in short, there are a number of different indicators which could point us in the direction of good value crypto – these include but are not limited to;

  • Social Metrics
  • Market Sentiment
  • Brand & Marketing

Analysing these key factors in addition to identifying the most efficient way to purchase helps us optimise and ultimately make smarter buying decisions.


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Expert fundamental and technical analysis on Bitcoin, Ethereum and trending crypto assets.


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