Our Mission

To share high quality, data-driven ratings and forecasts with the Odds Tribe community.

Tribe Values


Odds Tribe is a team. A group of people with a common interest in sports, crypto and stonks. We work together, across boundaries, to create interesting insights and to maintain a top class community.


If we don’t enjoy wha we’re doing then why are we doing it? We thrive on the challenge of gaining an edge by using a combination of maths, data and tech to identify good opportunities.


All forms of investing contain risk and so it is really important to stay disciplined and never use more that you can’t afford to lose. Odds Tribe are commitmed to ensuring our members are responsible.


Things constantly evolve, and we need to adapt to keep up. There are many different ways you can derive value. We’re always listening to our members for ways to enhance our ratings and forecasts.